R E S T O R A T I O N   W I T H   A N T I - S L I P
Acid-etching, as a process to provide a very limited and short-term remedy to create a non-skid/anti-slip surface, is nothing more than paying someone to destroy your bathtub bottoms. If your bathtub bottoms are dark, stained and unsightly, they have most likely been acid etched.

These days, most porcelain and enamel bathtubs are manufactured with acid resistant finishes, making acid etching less effective and requiring stronger, more caustic acids to eat through the manufacturer’s engineered surface. Why open thousands of pores in your bathtub bottoms that will collect dirt, soap and grime when you can have a safe, long-lasting coating applied that will never damage your tub?

If your bathtub bottoms still look new and you are considering an etching process for ‘anti-slip’ safety, call and ask about our Invisi-Shield™ Clear Coat non-skid before you pay the to have them permanently ruined.
Acid-Etching: We don’t do it. Neither should you.
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